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The SOCO Business Central Team are fantastic. They really know their stuff and get things done. I particularly value the way the team will always ask, ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ This ensures we get outcomes that really meet our needs.

– M Group

Business Central is

a comprehensive, cloud-based business management solution for you to manage your…
General Ledger

General Ledger

Your finances managed better.
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Create and maintain a chart of accounts to suit your business.

  • General ledger filtering and drill down visibility
  • Extensive standard and custom reporting options
  • Budgeting
  • Reversal, correction, review and copy functions
  • Map your transaction attributes to your G/L accounts for automated, bulletproof postings
  • Streamlined end of period processing



Utilise Business Central’s localised functionality.
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Business Central has regulatory compliance and other location functionality that you need when operating in your area of the world, either through Microsoft’s own or partner-led offerings.

  • Capture tax obligations in the geographic regions in which you operate
  • Reporting & settlements

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting

Predict and monitor your cash position.
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Cash flow forecasting in Business Central generates a visual representation of your forecast so you can drill down into each category to see how it stacks up against your overall forecast and your actual spending.

  • Track potential, budgeted, and existing expenses and revenue
  • Utilise likely debtor receipting terms rather than payment terms governed by transaction due dates
  • Harness Azure AI for predictive revenue and expenses
  • Streamlined end of period processing

Fixed Assets

Manage your fixed assets with Business Central.
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The Fixed Assets functionality in Business Central provides extensive fixed asset recording and transaction options, ensuring correct periodic depreciation.

  • Maintain multiple depreciation schedules for company and tax
  • Split, combine or transfer assets
  • Automatically utilise separate general ledger accounts for different asset classes
  • Register maintenance costs and servicing dates
  • Record insurance policy details against your assets
  • Asset reporting and statistics



Keep track of banking transactions.
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Manage your local and foreign currency bank accounts in Business Central.

  • Unlimited bank accounts, and unlimited currencies
  • Import your bank statements for easy bank and payment reconciliations
  • Automatically map recurring transactions to G/L, customer, vendor or bank accounts
  • Export EFT files for upload to your banking portal

Multi-entity operations

Multi-entity Operations

Operate and report for multiple entities.
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Business Central is a complete solution for divisions, multi-company and consolidation accounting processes. It allows organisations to obtain a comprehensive view of their different enterprises, simplifying inter-organisational processing and enhancing security.

  • Intercompany AP/AR/GL transaction processing between trading companies
  • Consolidate companies across different Business Central environments for group reporting
  • Use multiple currencies, dimensions, and budgets for consolidation

Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting

Understand the costs of running your business.
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Business Central’s Cost Accounting synchronises your costing structure with the general ledger and then allocates that information to your cost centres and cost objects. Data can be transferred automatically from general ledger accounting into the Cost Accounting module.

  • Transfer entries from general ledger accounting into the Cost Account module
  • Allocate indirect and direct costs according to your defined hierarchy and share rules

Sales + Receivables

Sales + Receivables

Build sales turnover, manage selling processes.
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Business Central offers the full selling lifecycle, from quotes to prospective customers through to confirmed sales and managing your receivables. Customer-specific pricing and discounting and individualised communications and documents are easily maintained directly within Business Central.

  • Customer and contact management
  • Pricing & discounting, including invoice discounts
  • Quote to cash
  • Debtor management tools including reminders with custom messaging, manage interest and finance charges

Purchases + Payables

Purchases + Payables

Enhanced insight for purchases + accounts payable.
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Manage your vendor relationships and procurement processes in Business Central and obtain insights into current and past purchase activities.

  • Vendor and contact management
  • Vendor-specific pricing and discounting, including payment discounts
  • Procure to pay
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools
  • Easily net payments to your combined customer/vendor business partners



A complete solution for marketing campaigns.
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Business Central allows marketers to perform research, set up a campaign, assign a target audience, activate the campaign and track campaign response and performance.

  • Contacts
  • Campaigns
  • Log interactions
  • Opportunities
  • Integrate to D365 Sales



Record, transact and report on your inventory with a full range of functionality.
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Business Central offers rich functionality for managing physical, service and non-stock inventory. Manage different costing methods, stock keeping units, full integration with financials, with a complete audit trail of quantity and value.

  • Manage SKUs by location, variant
  • Full integration to customer and vendor master data with item references
  • Manage stocktakes and cycle counting
  • Assemblies and resource usage
  • Multiple Units of measure
  • Item Attributes, product groups and categories

Inventory Advanced

Advanced Inventory

“Level up” your inventory management.
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Drive operational efficiency using advanced inventory in Business Central. Generate, review and execute both MPS & MRP supply plans to optimise stock holdings. Manage exceptions using direct shipments, and order promising to boost fulfilment.

  • Fully integrated to financials
  • Serial and lot tracking capabilities
  • Supply planning & forecasting
  • Capable-to-Promise, Available- to-Promise calculations
  • Drop shipments & special orders

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Keep handling costs as low as possible.
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Business Central WMS allows you to manage inbound and outbound inventory flows and record accurate placement of inventory in bins. The WMS supports location-specific configuration spanning simple process to full-scale worksheet based-warehouse tasks enabling you to keep handling costs as low as possible.

  • Warehouse shipments, receipts, put-aways, picks, transfers
  • Bin content, fixed & floating bins, bin capacities
  • Directed and ad-hoc picks/put-aways
  • Assign special equipment, and warehouse classes
  • Bin replenishment (min/max)
  • Cycle counting by bin, lot/serial number

Project Accounting

Project Accounting

Undertake common project management tasks.
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Business Central provides project managers with a good overview, not only of individual jobs, but also of the allocation of employees, machinery and other resources being used in all projects.

  • Track budget and usage on projects
  • Fully integrated project billing capabilities
  • Manage resources and resource pricing
  • Time sheet capture
  • Calculate + post WIP on projects



Streamline your manufacturing processes.
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Business Central manufacturing ensures you can respond quickly to new and changing customer demands. You can optimise the manufacturing process including planning, scheduling, inventory, and distribution activities all while fully integrated with financial management.

  • Production orders, various flushing methods (forward, back, manual)
  • Bill of Materials & Routings with version management
  • Agile manufacturing
  • Production Picks and Put-aways
  • Capacity planning (shop calendars, finite loading)
  • Subcontracting

Service Management

Service Management

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Providing ongoing service to customers is important, however managing and tracking service is not always easy. Business Central provides a set of tools to help.

  • Configure service offerings
  • Manage contracts and warranties
  • Schedule service calls and set up service orders
  • Assign service personnel based on skill and availability
  • Track repair parts, loan equipment and supplies
  • Provide service estimates and service invoices
  • Fault reporting and troubleshooting

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Make strategic, informed decisions.
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Draw on Business Central’s pool of standard reports and easy-to-use custom reporting tools to power your decision making. Employ the reporting platforms that best suit your users and reporting audience.

  • Dimensional reporting & analytics
  • Design your own reusable reports
  • Leverage Excel’s reporting power
  • Analyse your data with PowerBI



Easily connect your Shopify stores to your ERP and enjoy the efficiencies.
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Natively connect Business Central to your Shopify stores and streamline your e-commerce tasks.

  • Manage and synchronise your items and customers
  • Synchronise and fulfill sales orders
  • Manage sales taxes and duties for your local and international sales

Expertise you can count on

Since 2013, we’ve been trusted by business and government to create human centred technology solutions utilising Microsoft applications.

Drive profit and


Evolve and grow

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a highly flexible solution that supports your end-to-end business needs.

With an abundant suite of configuration and extension options available, you can be sure that you’re not boxed in by your ERP. Business Central offers you the flexibility and scalability you need to meet not just the challenges of today but the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Deploy in the Microsoft cloud or on-premises
  • Easily tailored and extendable solution
  • Can be used on any device, anywhere

Gain business insights

Business Central provides a single source of truth for your data.

From accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions, Business Central gives you an accurate end-to-end view of your business. With customisable reporting out of the box, you can access and analyse data across multiple dimensions to enable data driven decision making.

  • Easy to create reports and dashboards give you a complete picture of your business
  • Built-in analytics helps proactively inform and guide employees
  • Get contextual business information inside Microsoft 365 apps you use every day, like Outlook and Teams

Connect people + processes

With disruption being the new normal, flexible working is more important than ever.

Business Central is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform enabling access from any location, on any device connected to the internet. Equipped with enterprise-level security, you can be sure that your data is safe while you work from where you need to be.

  • Work from almost anywhere using nearly any device
  • Videoconference, chat, call, collaborate and seamlessly share Business Central records and information directly within Microsoft Teams
  • Improve teamwork and respond faster from almost anywhere by seamlessly connecting your people, business processes and customers

Unify systems

Do you already use Microsoft’s products in your day-to-day business management?

As part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 product suite, Business Central provides a unified user experience across the Microsoft product set with integration to Outlook, Word, Excel, Teams, Dynamics 365 Sales and Power Platform providing a seamless and rich user experience on the Microsoft toolset you and your team are already familiar with.

  • Automatically pull your systems and processes together so your people don’t have to
  • Collaborate and take care of multiple business processes in one place
  • With a familiar user experience, your team will be productive from the start
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SOCO capabilities

Connect your operations across your small or medium-sized business using a single solution


A new ERP implementation can be a daunting undertaking with potential significant impacts to your staff, business resources, and future success. Choosing the right ERP implementation partner is key to ensuring a smooth journey towards the delivery of a solution that is right for your organisation. SOCO is a Microsoft Gold Partner and an all-Australian information technology consultancy that you can depend on to help streamline your ERP journey and reach your new and improved business as usual.

SOCO’s 4D methodology, Discover. Design. Deliver. Drive® provides the framework for our approach.

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The Discover phase includes detailed consultation with our client to gain a shared understanding of the current and future business requirements.

Our team of Business Central experts then perform a thorough analysis based on this information to determine the best Design fit for our client through configuration in the first instance, and add-ons or enhancements where appropriate.

A comprehensive roadmap for Delivery is developed in consultation with the client from the Design so that expected deliverables are agreed on ahead of time to ensure everyone knows the project’s destination.

At SOCO, we know that during Delivery, sometimes new ideas, requirements, or issues can appear. This is why we use a hybrid Agile waterfall approach to ERP implementation which allows us to build in continuous communication and feedback with our clients throughout the project whilst maintaining the structure required to deliver a true end-to-end ERP solution.

Post implementation, SOCO will work closely with your internal champions to support you through to business as usual and beyond.

Migrations from legacy systems (e.g. Dynamics NAV or Navision)

There are a number of reasons your organisation may be ready to upgrade. Perhaps your version is no longer supported, it’s time to move to the cloud, or possibly the system you are on is no longer fit for purpose. Whatever the reason, upgrading from Dynamics NAV or Navision to Business Central is simpler than you might imagine.
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Regardless of the version your organisation is currently using, our team of Business Central experts can provide the right guidance for your organisation’s needs, whether it’s upgrading the existing system to the current version or a complete re-implementation.

SOCO will perform a Discover & Design with you as well as delving into enhancement code where relevant to provide you a recommendation on the approach and a thorough and robust plan for the migration or reimplementation of configuration, data and necessary enhancements from the legacy ERP system to Business Central.

During the Deliver and Drive phases SOCO will train and support key users on existing and new functionality to ensure they benefit from all the advantages of a new, modern solution.

Project rescue

Has your Business Central or ERP project veered off track? Maybe it’s taking far longer than you anticipated or has already gone over budget? Perhaps you have already gone live, or are buried in user testing issues, or even still trying to build the solution?

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You might even be wondering if Business Central is still capable of meeting your needs, or you just need a different perspective to help get the project over the line. Regardless of your specific challenges, SOCO’s Project Rescue Service can help you navigate your way back to success.

With our Project Rescue Service, SOCO will help you reassess standard Business Central functionality, uncover process, technical or project-related gaps, and work shoulder to shoulder with you to achieve your goals. Whether you need a complete project review or are looking for greater process efficiencies and cost control, SOCO can chart a course to get your Business Central project back on track.

Health checks for existing solutions

Request a solution Health Check today.

Are you using Dynamics NAV or Business Central, but it’s not meeting all of your organisation’s current requirements?

Do you find yourself or other users wasting time with manual data entry or inventing needless and superfluous ‘make-do’ solutions? These solutions not only add increasing layers of inconvenience and workload, but they also add to the risk of your overall ERP system.

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The aim of the health check is to engage with your key users to gain a complete view of the business’s pain points, specific issues, and risks to build a backlog of prioritised issues. This is performed in conjunction with an end-to-end technical review of your system where key configuration areas, add-ons and customisations are examined. We will validate that your current Business Central processes represent best practice to achieve your business objectives.

These findings are documented in a follow up report which is presented to key stakeholders for review and discussion.

Your ERP is critical to not only the day-to-day running of your business, but also to its long-term financial success. In that sense, time is of the essence.

One of our consultants will contact you to confirm a date and clarify the process further.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we assist each customer with technical support when requested by our clients’ internal administrator. We comprehensively offer the first line of support to triage, investigate and resolve crucial concerns.

Our team of expert Business Central consultants assist clients to obtain the most from their investment. Our goal is to equip organisations with effective tools and knowledge to optimise their business operations.

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Our Business Central support services are available during business hours (outside business hours by appointment). This includes:

  • Staff training
  • Process improvement
  • Development of system enhancements
  • Systems integration
  • Performance tuning
  • Systems administration

Success story


QLeave approached SOCO to decommission the existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and move their ERP services to the cloud.

SOCO rolled out a Business Central re-implementation as it offered an enterprise grade solution and leveraged QLeave’s Microsoft NAV licences. This included integration between their new CRM platform and the Business Central solution and readying for a future phase where their existing Dynamics 365 CRM Connext platform will be integrated for the Building and Construction Industry business.

Key to the project was the careful phasing and timing of each industry’s implementation to provide minimal disruption to the business, flexible integration requirements and mentoring for effective data migration.

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