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Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Transition from Zoom to Teams

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is a government body regulating Australian aviation safety and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas.

With the sudden impact of COVID 19, CASA needed to expedite its Microsoft Teams roll out plan to support staff and remove the constraints of desk bound workloads.

Sebastian Rizzo Executive Director at SOCO

CASA’s IT Branch were at 100% capacity when the COVID 19 pandemic hit and our relationship with SOCO was instrumental in embarking upon such a transformational journey. CASA would not have achieved what it did without the expert guidance of the SOCO team.

Section Manager – IT Service Delivery
Information Technology Branch

Request capability statement



The CASA Teams project aimed to provide an enterprise grade solution for staff communication and collaboration. Key objectives included: enabling remote work during the pandemic response, as well as providing a consistent and reliable solution for conducting online meetings, project collaboration and project status tracking.

CASA requried:

  • Teams governance framework
  • Teams service delivery model
  • A scalable Information architecture design
  • Creation of Teams templates for divisions, branches and teams
SOCO Solution
  • Maintain communications when staff were required to work from home
  • Deliver quick wins to create demand for Teams across the organisation
  • Support the transition from CISCO and Zoom to Teams
  • Deliver Train the Trainer workshops to accelerate the roll out to business units
  • Develop change management artefacts to educate the workforce and reduce IT support tickets
Technology snapshot
  • Microsoft Teams

The project was delivered in half the time originally anticipated, to swiftly enable remote working. Data indicates that collaboration increased substantially, as staff embraced the new technology. The project positioned the organisation well to leverage enhanced Teams capability such as video conferencing rooms, process automation, and the replacement of legacy telephony. An unanticipated benefit was that the new solution supported disaster recovery activities in a more efficient manner than the previous way of working.

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