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Dynamics 365 CRM Solution

transforms disaster responses and recovery efforts

SOCO assisted one of Queensland Government’s authorities to address challenges in processing assistance applications from residents impacted by the flood in 2021-22. The fragmented information storage across legacy systems hindered efficiency and reporting capabilities. SOCO developed a CRM solution, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, to streamline processes, enhance community resilience, and facilitate disaster recovery efforts.

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Our client had an outdated legacy system and faced difficulties in processing assistance applications due to fragmented information storage across a legacy CRM, spreadsheets, emails, and notes. This led to several issues including:

  • Duplicated efforts and limited reporting capabilities.
  • Disjointed customer experience and reduced visibility into application stages
  • Hindered coordination and communication among team members due to disparate data sources, leading to delays and inefficiencies in decision-making and response efforts.
SOCO Solution

Leveraging our 4D methodology®, we suggested a comprehensive CRM solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the stakeholder engagement platform.

This solution not only serves as a single source of truth for managing business activities but also:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Enhances community resilience.
  • Facilitate disaster recovery efforts
  • Allows the team to focus on innovation to efficiently manage operations and fullfil their strategic objectives in the long run.
Technology snapshot
  • Dynamics 365: A suite of cloud-based business applications developed by Microsoft, including a range of integrated modules and tools designed to help organisations manage various aspects of their operations, such as sales, marketing, customer service, finance, operations, and more.

The implementation of the stakeholder engagement tool, developed with Microsoft Dynamics 365, marked a pivotal shift for the government department.

In addition to replacing outdated legacy systems with a centralised platform, heralded as a ‘single source of truth’, our CRM solution also transformed their disaster response landscape by:

  • Offering flexibility and scalability
  • Allowing the team to access vital information seamlessly from various devices, regardless of location, enhancing visibility on movements across different regions.
  • Providing a unified platform for data management, analytics, and collaboration
  • Streamlining processes, improving disaster response and recovery efforts statewide.
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