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Seamless Migration

from on-premise servers to cloud-based solutions: SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

IP Australia is an Australian Government agency responsible for administering intellectual property rights and legislation for patents, trade marks, design rights and plant breeder’s rights. IP Australia sought to update its on-premises, file storage solution, and SOCO was engaged to manage this migration, which has provided IP Australia with a modern file storage solution that is fit for purpose. 

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SOCO was engaged by IP Australia to migrate its existing servers to a secure and reliable cloud storage system. However, migrating to a cloud-based solution posed several challenges, including:


  • Careful planning and coordination were required to develop a comprehensive migration strategy and an effective information architecture, ensuring a seamless transition to the new cloud-based solution.
  • Assessing security risks and establishing contingency plans to deal with unforeseen issues.
  • Providing adequate training and change management for effective use of cloud-based tools.
SOCO Solution

The solution provided to IP Australia consisted of two main components:

  • Design & pilot activities for migration:

Design a Modern Workplace solution using Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online to facilitate teamwork and collaboration. This included developing an information architecture model, creating Teams, document libraries, and metadata. 

Develop a training plan to support change management and adoption.

Conduct a pilot migration and subsequent evaluation to hone the approach to the customer’s environment before tackling the remainder of the business.

  • Organisation-wide roll out:

Adopting a structured approach to change management and migration, the organisation-wide rollout commenced with all staff awareness sessions and were culminated with end-user training the entire organisation including technical training for in-house IT staff.

Over 7.5 million files were migrated into well-structured collaborative frameworks that were underpinned by Microsoft Teams.

Technology snapshot
  • SharePoint

Transformed the way IP Australia manages documents, enhanced team collaboration & increased efficiency.

  • Microsoft Teams

Enabled modern collaboration by connecting people and synchronising communication on one platform.

  • Sharegate

Planned and executed the migration project effectively, with close monitoring and assurance.

  • Adopted by over 1000 staff

The implementation of new collaboration structures, powered by Microsoft’s Teams platform for IP Australia has had a positive impact on the organisation, and SOCO played a crucial role in the rollout by providing training to over 1000 employees to ensure seamless adoption.

  • Modern Workplace Experience

The modern workplace platform enhanced communication and collaboration across the organisation, enabling employees to work together in real-time, regardless of their physical location. With its chat, video conferencing, and screen sharing capabilities, the platform has also facilitated more efficient and effective meetings.

  • Improved efficiency

Furthermore, the new system has resulted in improved efficiency and productivity, providing a more organised and searchable repository for documents.

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