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so:control gives Wannon Water full control of its corporate documents

When Wannon Water needed to take proper control of its corporate documents, SOCO suggested its so:control Document Management System (DMS) and showed how it could be customised to their needs. The result? A single source of truth for the organisation’s library of controlled documents. SOCO’s solution makes it easier for anyone at Wannon Water to find, create, amend, publish or manage important business documents. This enhanced functionality and efficiency has vastly improved user experience, reducing time and cost for the group.

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Wannon Water is Victoria’s second largest regional urban water corporation by area, covering 23,500 square kms. It supplies safe drinking water and sewage treatment services to customers based between the Otway Ranges and the South Australian border.

Wannon Water approached SOCO to help implement a cloud-based Document Management System (DMS) to overhaul and improve the end-to-end management of its controlled documents including lifecycles, security, approval workflows, version control and discoverability.

Wannon Water wanted their solution to:

  • provide a single source of truth for controlled documents
  • leverage Wannon Water’s existing investment in the Microsoft ecosystem
  • be cost-efficient

SOCO implemented so:control, a single-source DMS which takes care of creation, storage, review and archiving of important business documents.

A key component of the project was collaborating with Wannon Water to select a version of so:control that contained the features best suited to their needs.

The project involved:

  • identification of any high-level customisation or modules that need to be added to Wannon Water’s so:control DMS
  • Sandbox testing to identify any further customisation
  • Deployment strategy and timeline
Technology snapshot
  • so:control – a single-source Document Management System. Learn more.
  • Customisation – Wannon Water was able to select the best so:control version to meet their needs.
  • Security – solution implementation included a security model, taxonomy (classification scheme) and metadata requirements.
  • Document migration – solution implementation included a plan for seamless migration of existing controlled documents into the new so:control DMS.
  • Support – SOCO train-the-trainer sessions, support and governance for Wannon Water team members.
    PowerPlatform – PowerAutomate extensions to automate reminders and notifications

Wannon Water now has a customised so:control DMS solution that serves as a single source of truth for all their corporate documents.

Using so:control has provided easy, efficient and quick updates to Wannon Water’s crucial documents as well as offering best-in-class backup and recovery solution.

With so:control, Wannon Water also has enhanced sharing, increased visibility and improved accessibility, offering improved collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. With quick searches, easy retrieval and enhanced functionality, the so:control DMS has delivered significant time and cost savings for Wannon Water.

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