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ERP Migration: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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QLeave administers portable long service leave schemes for Queensland’s Building & Construction, Contract Cleaning, and Community Services Industries. They needed to migrate from their existing ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, choosing Microsoft D365 Business Central to improve operational efficiency and provide greater insights to users.

Sebastian Rizzo Executive Director at SOCO

“The effective communication between the SOCO team and QLeave proved to be a driving force behind the project’s success. Their seamless collaboration, real-time exchange of information, ideas, and insights, played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes.”

Priscilla Liew
Practice Manager – Business Central

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QLeave encountered several critical challenges that threatened to impede their operations, necessitating a transition to a new solution. Some of the key challenges were:


  • Data silos – QLeave was managing disparate data sources with traditional structures that no longer suited their current and future needs.
  • Inefficient reporting tool – QLeave was dedicating valuable resources outside regular business hours for report generation, a process that was not an optimal use of their time and impeded their efficiency.
  • Lack of support – Further exacerbating the situation, the old version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV was no longer supported, necessitating a replacement.
SOCO Solution

Using SOCO’s Discover. Design. Deliver. Drive.® methodology, SOCO identified the need for a cleaner and simpler migration approach to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. A reimplementation approach was taken which uplifted data to the modern ERP platform delivering the following benefits (just to name a few):


  • Improved financial reporting – Simplify the financial reporting process by removing the need to extract and manipulate raw data in excel.
  • Electronic approvals – Streamline approval workflows, enabling QLeave to transition from paper-based processes to more efficient digital controls.
  • Intercompany transactions – Achieve seamless invoicing between 3 entities, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
Technology snapshot
  • Business Central – all-in-one ERP cloud solution used for purchases, sales, cash management, financial reporting, workflows, and more.
  • Microsoft 365 – Connect and synchronize data with other Microsoft 365 applications.
  • PayFocus Payroll – Used to manage QLeave’s client payroll, integrating seamlessly with Business Central.
  • Integration – Integrations between QLeave’s bespoke CRM solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The migration from Microsoft NAV to the Business Central ERP platform has provided QLeave with a strong foundation for the coming years.

During the reimplementation of the platform, QLeave’s present and future needs were considered against Business Central’s features to ensure that the business would fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. As a result, the QLeave team now benefits from a better user experience with notable reductions in the need for manual record keeping and data extraction.

A prime example is the ability for QLeave’s team to work with Business Central’s data in Excel, with the assurance that it will be seamlessly synced back into the ERP platform with just a click of a button.

This successful implementation has given QLeave the ability to continue growing their organisation with an updated and reliable ERP solution, increasing efficiency and providing greater insights for all departments.

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