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Implementation for High-Level Data Security and Modern Project Management.

Our client is an Australian Federal Government department that needed to develop a modern platform with the highest PROTECTED-level data security to manage over 250 active projects, replacing their existing legacy project management solution, which was no longer supported. Given the complexities of the systems and the organisation’s size, our team recommended an initial High-Level Design using ServiceNow, integrating Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and Integrated Risk Management (IRM). This approach allowed the organisation to witness its capabilities in real-world scenarios before proceeding with full implementation.

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Our client required a secure and modern project management solution with workflows and automation to replace their existing system. Given the size of the organisation, there were several challenges including:

  • Integration and Data Migration: Handling large volumes of historical data made integrating new systems with existing infrastructure and ensuring seamless data migration from the old system to the new one daunting.
  • User Adoption and Training: With diverse teams having varying levels of familiarity with new technologies, ensuring comprehensive user adoption and providing customised training to accommodate different user needs and roles was crucial.
  • Scalability and Enterprise-wide Deployment: Designing a modern project management solution capable of handling over 250 active projects and scaling across the entire organization while meeting stringent security requirements (such as PROTECTED level in government contexts).
  • Governance and Compliance: Establishing governance frameworks and support structures to manage the implementation process, monitor performance, and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.
  • Change management: To ensure successful adoption and long-term sustainability of the new project management solution, we needed to ensure a change management strategy was essential to develop a culture that embraces new technologies and processes.
SOCO Solution

The focus of this initial phase was to deliver a High-Level Design (HLD) as a business case, providing the organisation with confidence before enterprise-wide deployment. The solutions we recommended include:

  • High-Level Design (HLD) of a modern project and portfolio management solution at the PROTECTED level using ServiceNow, leveraging Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and Integrated Risk Management (IRM) modules.
  • Pilot deployment of the solution to the organisation’s development environment and support for user acceptance testing.
  • Migration of data for 5 projects, including project schedules, risks, and issues.
  • Development of governance and support structures for Enterprise Portfolio Program & Project Management (EP3M) and ServiceNow Platform implementation, ensuring consistency, alignment with strategic objectives, effective resource allocation, and efficient management of risks and dependencies across all projects within the organisation.
  • Collaboration with ServiceNow to develop custom, customer-specific training tailored on the new system and processes to meet their unique requirements.
  • Development and implementation of Change Management (OCM) strategy and user communications.
Technology snapshot
  • Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) | A systematic approach to managing an organisation’s portfolio of projects and programs in alignment with its strategic objectives and priorities.
  • Integrated Risk Management (IRM) | A holistic approach to identifying, assessing, managing, and mitigating risks across an organization in a coordinated and integrated manner.

The successful pilot deployment and user testing demonstrated ServiceNow’s suitability as a replacement platform for our client. By showcasing its capabilities in real-world scenarios, we validated ServiceNow’s ability to meet the organisation’s requirements as a secure and modern project management platform.

As a result, we were authorised to proceed with production deployment. By transitioning to ServiceNow, our client anticipates achieving greater agility, scalability, and overall effectiveness in managing their project portfolio and operational workflows.

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