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Case Management System

streamlines assistance

to flood-affected Queenslanders across 39 local government areas

SOCO developed a Case Management System for one of the Queensland Government departments to help create a centralised source to streamline assistance for Queenslanders across 39 local government areas who were impacted by the flood in 2021-22. In just five weeks, SOCO successfully delivered the CRM using Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling the organisation to efficiently manage a high volume of applications for resilient retrofitting, home-raising, or voluntary home buy-backs.

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The Queensland flood in 2021-22 posed unprecedented challenges for the Queensland government, creating a surge in demand for assistance from flood-affected Queenslanders. The widespread impact on over 23,200 residential and commercial properties intensified the urgency for this Queensland department to provide timely support.

However, the lack of a centralised system made it difficult to manage high volume of applications within a short timeframe due to widespread flooding across Queensland. Hence, there was an urgent requirement for a rapid solution to support prompt assistance to flood-affected Queenslanders.

SOCO Solution

Leveraging on our 4D methodology and our CRM development expertise, our team suggested a case management system using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As part of the recommended solution:

  • A collaborative Discovery & Design workshops was conducted to streamline application processing and eliminate duplications, allow for rapid response and efficient coordination, ensuring assistance reached those in need promptly.
  • Develop real-time reporting capabilities to the leadership team, enhancing visibilities into application progress.
  • Integrated features for centralised data management, case tracking, and reporting.
Technology snapshot
  • Dynamics 365: A suite of cloud-based business applications developed by Microsoft, including a range of integrated modules and tools designed to help organisations manage various aspects of their operations, such as sales, marketing, customer service, finance, operations, and more.

Within 5 weeks, our team demonstrated our commitment and ability to deliver quality job and support for disaster recovery efforts in Queensland. Some of the noteworthy outcomes to mention including:

  • A case management system hosted on the cloud, enabling a consistent and seamless customer experience for flood-affected Queenslanders.
  • Improved operational efficiency for the department through streamlined application processing and real-time reporting.
  • Enhanced visibility for multiple stakeholders within the organisation, facilitating resource allocation and service improvements.
  • Tracked and reported on over 6,000 homeowners registered for the Resilient Homes Fund, facilitating resilient retrofitting, home-raising, or voluntary home buy-backs.
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