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St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland

Vinnies Queensland Information People System (VIPS)

The St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland (Vinnies) is a not-for-profit combating social injustice and offering a ‘hand up’ to people in need.

Nationally, Vinnies has more than 60,000 members and volunteers. There are many ways for the community to engage in volunteering positions with Vinnies including ongoing and short-term opportunities.

Society members are passionate about helping those in need and work together in ‘Conferences’ usually attached to parishes, schools, universities, social groups, workplaces, or other groups from the local community.

The management and administration of members and volunteers is a key aspect of the organisation’s success.

The Vinnies team places our members and volunteers at the heart of all we do. We knew we needed a bespoke solution for the way we work. The SOCO team were key in helping us understand our needs and helped us build a thorough, prioritised set of requirements. Once the project commenced, we knew we were in safe hands, with the business analysts, project managers and consultants continuously engaging and mentoring us through the implementation.
Kirstin Hinchcliffe
General Manager, People & Safety


Vinnies Information People System (VIPS)
Industry: Not-for-Profit
Location: Queensland

Great Place to Work certified


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Power Platform
  • SharePoint Online


The new VIPS platform provides a reliable, consistent approach to member and volunteer administration which seamlessly co‑ordinates the onboarding, management and offboarding of Vinnies’ members and volunteers.

Business Objective

Vinnies identified the need to implement a member and volunteer platform to help them manage their interactions with prospective and current members and volunteers. This included managing the lifecycle, from initial enquiry to profile establishment and management, onboarding, assigning roles and accreditation, data management and off-boarding.

Vinnies had complex challenges to overcome including the fact that key users of the platform would have different levels of technical expertise. Additionally, methods of communication with members and volunteers varied from one region to another.


A new solution was required to:

  • Encourage usage of the portal to ensure communication methods were consistent and knowledge was retained
  • Cater to varying levels of technical expertise
  • Focus on user’s goals and remove pain points
  • Improve navigation and search
SOCO Solution

SOCO worked closely with Vinnies’ stakeholders, using interviews, questionnaires, workshops and documentation from Vinnies during the Discovery phase. Utilising a SCRUM framework and Agile methodology, SOCO used a series of Sprints for delivery giving Vinnies the ability to review and control the outcomes of the project. This methodology was foundational to the partnership between SOCO and Vinnies in order to maximise value and efficiency.

The process resulted in a custom Vinnies Information People System (VIPS) delivering a reliable, consistent approach to member and volunteer administration. The platform utilises Microsoft Dynamics, the Power Platform and SharePoint Online to coordinate the onboarding, management and offboarding of Vinnies’ members and volunteers.

Key components:

  • VIPS Platform – a Dynamics 365 application for Vinnies’ staff to manage interactions with members and volunteers.
  • VIPS Portal – a security trimmed Dynamics 365 application secured so members and volunteers have access to, and can interact with, the information they need whilst maintaining privacy and confidentiality.
  • Common Data Store – a Microsoft Dataverse environment delivering a central repository of information, ensuring the solution is scalable and built to best practice architectural standards.
  • Process automation – Microsoft Power Automate provides business process automation for approvals, notifications, and business logic, improving efficiency and reducing human error.
  • Support – SOCO delivered training sessions, user guides and support to help Vinnies manage change and foster adoption of the new system.

The solution has provided Vinnies with an easy to use, reliable platform for successful member and volunteer management. The portal offers improved usability for staff, members, and volunteers at all levels of technical ability.

The new VIPS platform delivers enhanced functionality, efficiency, and quick access to relevant information. The integrations enable seamless entry from the one platform, providing a streamlined user experience.

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