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Microsoft 365 Investment:

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State Library of Queensland responsible for collecting and preserving Queensland’s cultural and documentary memory, and providing free access to information, recognised the potential of Microsoft 365 subscription. SOCO was enlisted to develop an implementation strategy and migrate their corporate data to the cloud, including a Teams rollout.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to better facilitate flexible work arrangements, State Library rolled out Teams and SharePoint Online to all staff in 2020. However, post-implementation, they identified that the lack of an overarching M365 strategy, support, and training had led to stakeholders not fully embracing the new tools. For example:


  • Team members were not aware of what was possible.
  • Files were located in multiple locations, making it difficult to find the information needed when required.
  • Remote working was not as productive or collaborative as it had the potential to be.
SOCO Solution

To overcome the challenges faced by State Library, we first employed our proven SOCO 4D methodology (Discover. Design. Deliver. Drive®), followed by a proposed M365 Information Architecture model.


  • Discovery Phase
    Our approach began with a series of Discovery workshops including surveys to better understand the current state of Microsoft 365 within the library. A total number of 8 workshops and interviews were held, and 101 responses were received which provided a current state insight.
  • Design Phase
    After gaining insights from stakeholders, SOCO designed a collaborative structure, toolset, and training program based on stakeholder insights to consolidate information and simplify daily activities across the library.
  • Deliver Phase
    SOCO delivered the first three stages of the roadmap initiatives including:

    • Information Architecture (IA) Design
    • Pilot program
    • Organisation-wide roll out and content consolidation
Technology snapshot
  • SharePoint
    Transformed the way State Library manage documents, enhance team collaboration, & increase efficiency, and leverage the secure cloud storage provided by Microsoft as part of their subscription.
  • Microsoft Teams
    Enabled modern collaboration, connected and synchronised communication on one platform.
  • ShareGate
    Connected, planned, and executed the migration project effectively and efficiently. Allowed us to complete the project on time and on budget.

By implementing the three blueprint stages, State Library was able to achieve a number of positive outcomes:


  • Solid foundation for organising information | The Information Architecture Design provided a solid foundation for the M365 environment, enabling the library to organise their information in a consistent and effective way.
  • Perform testing in a supported environment | The pilot program allowed State Library to test the Information Architecture and identify any potential issues or areas for improvement prior to the full roll out. This continuous improvement approach continued throughout the life of the project.
  • Improved accessibility and visibility of information | The organisational roll out of the Information Architecture and content consolidation ensured that State Library was able to bring all their information repositories into a single, centralised location. This improved accessibility and visibility of information resulted in increased productivity and efficiency for staff.
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