Dynamics 365

Thinking about a Dynamics 365 project in Brisbane?

If so, now is the right time to talk to us. We love to get out there meeting people – learning about what they are trying to achieve in Dynamics 365.

We aren’t into the hard sell. In exchange for some quality biscuits and a cup of tea, we’ll come visit you at your office, or arrange an online meeting with one of our team, for a decent chat. If that conversation helps you move towards your goals, then great. If not, nothing lost.

We look forward to hearing from you!

People make projects.
Not tools, tactics or technologies. Have you got the right people on your project team?

How we work

It’s not complicated, but it does make a difference

Small. Packets. Of. Work.®

Whether you have a large Intranet or system integration project, or a small set of bug fixes to an existing application – first we undertake a small, fixed price engagement to understand your needs.

We Discover. Then we analyse your requirements, and propose a program of mini projects that will bring you closer to your goals – we Design. Then you authorise whichever mini projects you like, and we make it happen – we Deliver. Along the way we offer custom training, governance and support to increase system adoption and business value – we Drive. Simple.

1 Discover.
A shared understanding of success.
2 Design.
A vision of the future.
3 Deliver.
Creating meaningful solutions.
4 Drive.
Ensuring ongoing value is delivered.

 SOCO way.

Our 4D methodology makes the magic happen – and has been trusted by Australian government agencies and businesses since 2013. Whether our client is a large government department, a corporate powerhouse, a growing SMB, or a five-person shop – all of them tell us that they love our approach as is minimises risk, builds trust, and maximises value.

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