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Empowering sales team with AI:

Dynamics 365 Copilot

and Microsoft Viva Sales

As we transition from on-premises to cloud and AI-driven technologies, organisations now have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage the power of data and set the stage for revolutionary advancements. For sales managers and business professionals seeking to boost productivity and enhance customer experiences, the introduction of Copilot in Viva Sales under Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite is a game-changer.

The Age of AI and the Power of Data

AI is a platform shift from on-premises to cloud and AI-driven technologies. It allows you to harness the power of all the data you have and surface it in your flow of work and in the context of what you’re doing. By leveraging AI-driven tools like Dynamics 365 Copilot and Viva Sales, mundane administrative tasks can be automated, freeing up sellers’ time. It transforms salespeople from pilots to co-pilots so they can focus more on customer interactions, deliver higher quality engagements, and foster stronger relationships.

A recent survey revealed that 85% of employees expressed a strong desire for such solutions, indicating a widespread need for tools that can make their roles more efficient and satisfying.

AI Platform Shift means from migrating from on-premises to Cloud and AI platform

In this article, we will show you how sales and business professionals can leverage Dynamics 365 Copilot to become more productive, adapt to change and innovate quicker using this next-generation AI technology.

1. Automate everyday tasks

Sales teams often face numerous challenges, with a significant portion of their day devoted to managing emails. This is where Copilot in Viva Sales comes to the rescue, allowing sales to automate tasks such as tagging customers and streamlining data entry into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like Dynamics 365. It saves sellers valuable time, allowing them to focus on building stronger customer relationships.

Automate Everyday Task with Dynamics 365 Copilot in Viva Sales

2. Automate notes and meeting summaries (Your personal AI-powered content assistant).

One of the challenges a sales professional faces is being present during meetings while trying to take comprehensive notes. With Copilot’s conversation intelligence and transcript feature, there is no more recapping meetings or stressing about entering meeting notes in the CRM system.

If your salespeople have not done a good job taking notes, no worries! Copilot will automatically capture key meeting highlights, questions asked, and the ability to surface crucial data, syncing it back into CRM systems. This eliminates the need for manual notetaking, ensuring crucial information is never lost.

Automate meeting notes with Copilot in Viva Sales. Included in Dynamics 365 Enterprise and Premium licensing.


3. Predefined responses and customisation to help you get closer to your customers.

Copilot offers predefined responses to address common customer concerns, providing sellers with a variety of options to choose from. These responses can be further customised to align with each seller’s unique style and tone, ensuring personalised customer interactions.

Predefined responses by AI-powered assistance - Dynamics 365 Copilot Viva Sales

It takes 90% of the legwork out of the email for salespeople. Users can still add various elements of style or tone, but it is doing a lot of the heavy lifting which is a dream come true for many sellers. It even can suggest a time for the next meeting based on seller’s calendar.

Auto Generated Summary of Your Call in an Email by Microsoft 365 Copilot

4. Stay on track and on point with a digital coach.

Copilot in Microsoft Viva Sales equips sellers with digital coaches. AI-powered tools that help them continuously improve their sales skills and strategies. For example, it can help sellers stay on track with auto-generated summaries that capture call highlights and provides advice for the next best steps i.e follow up items to keep the deal going.

Let Copilot in Viva Sales become Your Digital Coach

In addition, you will see at the bottom of the following screenshot, sentiment analysis is available to enhance sales conversations. It enables the ability to review meeting transcripts, helping to identify areas of concern and assess the success of interactions, facilitating better sales call moving forward.

5. Data security and trust

No sales rep or companies want their data security breached or stolen. Microsoft Viva Sales is built on trust, ensuring that your data remains yours alone. Microsoft does not fine-tune your data, and your information is protected by the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls. So, you can absolutely trust Microsoft as your cloud provider.

Copilot experience is available in Dynamics 365 Sales, D365 Marketing and Customer Service. The AI-powered assistance tool excels in generating ideas and content rapidly and provides valuable insights right within the flow of work. Whether it’s email communications or sales meetings, Copilot surfaces relevant information and offers actionable recommendations to enhance decision-making.

If you’ve been looking for a Microsoft Solutions Partner who can help you implement Dynamics 365 Copilot, speak to our D365 consultants today.

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