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Microsoft awards SOCO with

Data & AI (Azure)

Solutions Partner designation

SOCO (ASX:SOC) is thrilled to announce its attainment of the fourth Solutions Partner designation within the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program – the Data and AI Solutions Partner designation. As one of Australia’s first Microsoft Data and AI Solutions Partners, SOCO showcases its expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence for business applications.

Implementing Microsoft AI in the workplace offers numerous benefits, including boosted productivity, enhanced decision-making, improved customer engagement, and better employee experiences. Head of Partnerships, Natasha Reynolds commented: “AI companions such as Microsoft Copilot are already helping SOCO clients accomplish tasks with greater precision and speed.”

In November 2023, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the Australian Government’s decision to explore the safe and responsible use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the public service in partnership with Microsoft, through the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). As the world moves toward a future where AI is commonplace, SOCO will continue to help businesses embrace responsible AI integration and innovation, enabling clients to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies while ensuring ethical practices, transparency, and privacy.

SOCO nominated Microsoft Partner - Data AI Azure

This latest accomplishment joins the Digital and App Innovation (Azure) competency recently added to SOCO’s growing portfolio of IT consultancy expertise. This additional designation continues to demonstrate the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront technological advancement, providing solutions that cater for the swiftly evolving needs of clients.

Sebastian Rizzo Executive Director at SOCO

“Our team’s tireless efforts have led to this prestigious designation, reflecting our dedication to innovation and excellence in the dynamic realm of AI. With this achievement, we are confident that it will open new opportunities for collaboration with various enterprises and Australian Government organisations on artificial intelligence, as our team collectively work and contribute towards shaping the future of technology in Australia and beyond.”

– Sebastian Rizzo, Executive Director – Client Relationships

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