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Information Management

requires strategic planning

We’ll help you develop an actionable roadmap.

Information Management

requires strategic planning

We’ll help you develop an actionable roadmap.

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Despite information being at the core of the digital economy, only 4% of businesses extract full value from the information they hold.

This is because the people, processes and technology that underpin our information landscape are constantly changing, posing a challenge for even the most experienced Chief Information Officers.

Imagine if you could take control of your information, capitalise on this key asset and improve business efficiency? Whilst also reducing employee frustration and identifying practices that may place your organisation at risk. A clear information management (IM) strategy will help you achieve these tangible benefits.

Finding information was ranked as the biggest challenge to productivity, followed by communication and support.

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Excerpt from IM Strategy Discovery Report

But how do you start? This is where

SOCO’s IM Strategy

engagement comes in.

We work with you to define a clear Information Management Strategy, aligning with business objectives and priorities, identifying risks, and creating a roadmap for success.

Our experienced team will help you validate current issues and communicate the future vision to your stakeholders in clear language, with compelling examples specific to your organisation. Our goal is to help you document a realistic picture of where you are today and understand how you can move to a future confident that information is working for you.

Afterwards, decision makers will be equipped with a clear, actionable roadmap, confident that the needs of the organisation have been understood and that best practice IM practice has been incorporated. Empowering you to maximise the value of your information assets moving forward.

Typical activities for our IM strategy engagement include:
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Current state analysis
  • Review of business needs and strategy
  • Solution ideation
  • Alignment with legislation, governance, best practice and emerging trends
  • Identification and prioritisation of initiatives
  • Roadmap presentation
Information management strategy and
roadmap example

Key findings and solutions

Detailed documentation on problems identified, recommended approaches and solution overviews including design concepts, information architecture, technology stack guidance, roll out stages and adoption guidance.

Actionable insights

Upon completion of an IM Strategy engagement, SOCO deliver a detailed presentation to key stakeholders, outlining key findings, a proposed information management framework and the recommended IM strategy roadmap.

Achievable roadmap

Custom designed IM roadmap outlining prioritised initiatives across areas such as content, collaboration and communications; education and training; governance and continuous improvement.
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