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the single source of truth for your teams' controlled documents

Hit the ground running with an all-in-one, configurable, document lifecycle management tool.


the single source of truth for your teams' controlled documents

Hit the ground running with an all-in-one, configurable, document lifecycle management tool.

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An intuitive interface makes this your one-stop shop for document control.

The real time dashboard visualises document management performance. Instantly know where each document is positioned in its lifecycle management.

Get total visibility on:

  • Upcoming document reviews
  • Pending reviews and approvals
  • Recently updated documents
  • Newly published documents
  • Overdue reviews and approvals and follow-up

Sharing and collaboration

so:control makes sharing documents and collaboration easy for document controllers, authors, owners and reviewers.

  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Work together efficiently to get results
  • Easily navigate to your key documents
  • Get visibility over newly published documents
  • Provide reader feedback to improve document quality
  • Stay informed and keep track of updates to relevant documents
  • Monitor workflows, grant or deny access to certain documents, and see what changes have been made
  • Keep up to date with multichannel notifications, including Teams, Tasks, Views and Email


Intelligent search capabilities enable quick document retrieval for operational or audit purposes and avoid the need to search through multiple online and offline repositories.

  • Access search from any screen
  • Flexible, easy-to-use keyword based search, both in title or in document
  • Find your documents in fewer clicks using the dedicated search area
  • Refine your search results based on your metadata
  • Only see documents you have permission to access
  • Custom views and filters for enhanced navigation


Improve your productivity with content that’s tailored to you.

Get quick and easy access to:

  • Your pending tasks
  • Documents you own
  • Alerts highlighting important activity
  • Documents that relate to your role
  • Common documents and links
  • Personalised and role-based views of your documents

so:control is

a central, auditable destination for you to…

1. Collaborate

All users are enabled to collaborate on your documents in place. No checking in or checking out. Read more ⟶

Utilise the SharePoint platform with all the out-of-the box functionality that you are familiar with. The same way you collaborate in SharePoint is fully supported. so:control allows you to collaborate on current versions of documents and makes sure everything is controlled.

2. Review

Integrated lifecycle management, features automated periodic review processes and task management. Read more ⟶

so:control’s review process supports most scenarios, with configuration options to meet specific needs. The published document remains available, while your team reviews your documents, as working documents.

3. Approve

Workflow automation enables review and approval tasks to be undertaken automatically. Read more ⟶

so:control doesn’t rely on an external workflow engine. All workflows are metadata driven, keeping your documents where they belong – safely in SharePoint. so:control workflows are configurable to meet your requirements, so you can hit the ground running with a controlled publishing lifecycle on day one.

4. Publish

Audience targeting ensures that the right audience has the right access to your critical documents.
Read more ⟶

Once a controlled document is reviewed and approved, the document is published as an identical copy to your working document. so:control also allows all users to submit feedback on any published document, making sure that insights from your team are always available.

Ensure your controlled document process aligns with your quality system

As a single source of truth, a document control system is one of the most critical tools for ensuring compliance with organisational policies, procedures, forms and other essential quality processes.

Whatever quality standards your organisation adheres to, so:control will reduce risk and increase efficiency by enabling smarter processes for the collaboration, review, approval and publication of all your important policies, procedures, forms and quality documents.

Leverage your Microsoft investment

Thousands of organisations, like yours, use Microsoft SharePoint to manage documents, collaborate on content, communicate within project teams, and automate work processes. It is the ideal document management solution that offers a flexible and scaleable platform to arrange and control your documents, allowing you to collaborate on creation, editing and more.

That’s why SharePoint Online was the platform selected to underpin so:control’s modern Document Management System (DMS).

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Everything you need

to meet your quality system

Rapid and affordable deployment

Rapid and affordable deployment in only 2 weeks. Find out more about our implementation timeline.

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

Your critical documents are secure in a central repository. You determine who can access certain documents.

Access to the documents you need, when you need them

Identity and access management practices ensure (only) the right people have the right access to your controlled documents at the right time.

Support for your quality processes

Control the collaboration, review, approval and publication of all your important policies, procedures, forms and quality documents.

Always audit ready

Real-time interrogation of your document lifecycles ensures a snapshot of your documents is always available.

Built-in document lifecycle management

Integrated lifecycle management, with automated periodic review processes and task management ensures no document is left behind.

Document collaboration and templating

Collaborate on your documents in one place – no checking in or checking out. Your templating process can also sit within so:control.

Change management

Manage change more effectively and slash administration overhead by automating document reviews and approvals.

Version control

Support for the archiving and retrieval of prior versions of documents which have been edited.

User permissions

Audience targeting allows administrators to set individual user permissions and ensure end-users can only access the latest approved and published versions.

Teams + mobile functionality

A purpose built, truly mobile friendly, Microsoft Teams application, as well as utilising the SharePoint out-of-the-box mobile capabilities.

Detailed insights and reporting

Close the loop by generating compliance-ready reports with rich data visualisations that can be instantly communicated to your compliance stakeholders.

Support for multiple document types

Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files – if SharePoint supports it, so does so:control (and more).

Easy to use

Our user interface is intuitive and targeted, with easy filters, search and help tools to make your entire team’s experience simple and productive.

Configurable to meet your needs

Configuration to suit your specific business circumstances, while retaining the scalability required to address your organisation’s growth.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 intergation

Maximise the return on your investment, by leveraging SharePoint Online as your controlled document management platform.


Fast DMS implementation with socontrol
Whatever your organisation’s requirements
so:control has
you covered

Choose the option that works for you

Whether your business needs a light document management solution you can trust, or a fully governed, enterprise solution, so:control has you covered.

Or contact us for an enterprise wide licensing model for your entire business.

Send document for approval
Custom security settings
Multiple approvers
Custom document status
Custom steps and stages
Reassign tasks
Automatic Publishing of approved document
Custom homepage for document management system
Quick links to frequently searched documents/ document types
Ability to provide feedback on published documents
Mark documents as favourites
Notifications to document controllers / authors / owners / reviewers as a
document progresses through its lifecycle management
Progress Dashboard with an overview of all the documents, tasks, feedback
Word content automation: automatically add information, such as document properties, to Word document footer before publishing
Convert the Word document to PDF before publishing
Preview of documents before publishing
Handle large number of files (>5000) and folder support
Paging and folder navigation support
Custom steps and stages for review lifecycle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in an annual licence?

so:control is a SaaS, rapid deployment, affordable enterprise grade DMS with many of the features of a much more expensive alternative (including SharePoint Online configurations). Access to so:control, including product releases and enhancements, form part of the annual licence.

SaaS licensing ensures you will always have access to the latest features and fixes as they become available. Each licence is for one instance of so:control, rather than the number of users, resulting in savings.

What is the cost of so:control?
so:control comes with different licence types and optional additional features to best meet your needs. Based on our experience in implementing controlled document management systems, we are able to provide a fully featured solution, at a fraction of the cost to starting from scratch. Please contact our team to discuss what investment will best meet your needs.
Who will implement so:control in our environment?
SOCO will rapidly deploy so:control in your environment, in as little as 2 weeks.
What is the minimum term for a licence?
All our licences run for 12 months. Please contact us about receiving a complimentary trial version of so:control.
What do we do if we don’t use Microsoft SharePoint Online?
SharePoint is a business collaboration platform licensed by Microsoft. We are a registered Gold Partner reseller of Microsoft SharePoint licences and can assist you in identifying the right version of Microsoft SharePoint for your business. Depending on your existing licensing, you may already have some or all of the necessary Microsoft licenses. Typically, if you have Office 365 licences then you are good to go!

Please contact us, for a no obligation demonstration, and to see which model suits you best.

Case study

Wannon Water
Wannon Water is Victoria’s second largest regional urban water corporation. Located around Warrnambool, they strive to be an influential community partner, contributing to the well being and prosperity of the region as a whole.

Wannon Water were looking for an easy and user-friendly method of controlling their key company wide controlled documents.

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