News > SOCO joins Greenfleet in Reforestation Project to Combat Climate Change
SOCO joins Greenfleet in

Reforestation Project

to combat climate change

On Friday, 24 March 2023, SOCO team members demonstrated their commitment to a sustainable future by taking part in a reforestation project near Granchester, Queensland. The project was organised by Greenfleet, a leading environmental organization in Australia.

Despite the challenging conditions of scorching temperatures nearing 40 degrees Celsius, the SOCO team showed incredible dedication and perseverance in their efforts to contribute to a healthier planet.

Climate change poses one of the most significant threats to the future of our planet, and it’s our responsibility to take action to address it” said SOCO CEO, Simon Forth.

As a company committed to sustainability, SOCO is proud to support organisations like Greenfleet, who are dedicated to protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable future.

The reforestation project was a fantastic opportunity for SOCO team members to come together and make a positive impact on the environment. By planting trees, SOCO not only contributed to combating climate change, but also provided habitats for wildlife, improved soil quality, and enhanced the beauty of the local area.

CEO Simon Forth at SOCO

“The reforestation project with Greenfleet is just one example of how we are committed to taking action against climate change. We have also implemented a program to plant a tree for every client survey received, further demonstrating our dedication to creating a more sustainable future.”

– Simon Forth, SOCO CEO 

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