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The Forgotten Women

SOCO is taking a step to help homeless women over 55 get back on their feet.

Did you know that women over 55 are the fastest growing homeless population in Australia? That’s why SOCO is supporting the Live Like Her Challenge, as part of our ongoing efforts to support our community.

Our Practice Manager for Microsoft 365, Raelene Bettles, and Head of Marketing + Partnerships, Natasha Reynolds, will be braving an uncomfortable night in a car to experience some of the challenges of being a homeless person.

The Forgotten Women is a unique, grassroots housing initiative that ensures vulnerable women over 55 have access to secure, safe, and affordable housing.

A roof over the head of every woman over 55

SOCO has focused on creating an inclusive environment that supports and accelerates women since its inception. This has extended beyond SOCO’s work environment to the wider community.

We have a higher than average percentage of women employees for a tech firm and have recently won an international industry Award in recognition of outstanding efforts to support women. We’re pleased to extend our support to the community, beyond our own people.

We have been involved in the #FemaleFacesforPublicSpaces campaign as the foundation funder and now we are delighted to sponsor the Live Like Her Challenge.

– Simon Forth, Chief Operating Officer

Infographic highlighting 40000 women at risk in Qld

Everyone deserves to live with dignity and to age in a secure environment. We wanted to be part of something that was contributing to providing homes to the fastest growing homeless population in Australia.

– Raelene Bettles, M365 Practice Manager

The number of older homeless women in Australia increased by over 30% between 2011 and 2016 to nearly 7,000. With an ageing population, high housing costs and a significant gap in wealth accumulation between men and women across their lifetimes this is set to increase without innovative solutions being created.

Raelene and I hope to raise awareness, as well as money for The Forgotten Women project. I had no idea there were so many women sleeping in their cars until I heard Mangrove Housing’s CEO outlining the situation on the radio. I knew my colleagues at SOCO would want to help in any way they could.

– Natasha Reynolds, Head of Marketing + Partnerships

Please help make a difference for The Forgotten Women by supporting the Go Fundraise page.

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